Know mushrooms

Our children inspired us to create this application. We wanted to find an easy and fun way for them to learn about edible and inedible mushrooms that can be found in the woodlands and forests. Although originally designed for children,  this application might come in handy for adults as well. 

Test your knowledge of wild mushrooms!

Get ready for mushrooms pick-up for only $1.99!



AvenCode develops educational games and software for iOS devices. Our goal is to make user friendly apps of high quality that is fun to use. We believe that our passion for science, education and software engineering is a great foundation for making the next generation educational software. AvenCode was founded in 2011 by Evgeny Turchaninov. First out was Propisju for iPhone, released in Russia. Later on we made Know Forest Musrooms, a fun education app for iPhone and iPad. AvenCode’s latest product is Suitcases, an easy packing list for travellers for iPhone and iPod Touch, released in 5 languages. Please let us know what you think and stay tuned for more applications from AvenCode!

Evgeny Turchaninov

Senior Developer 

Igor Goncharov



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