Packing checklist
Package better and travel smarter!
Packing checklist is a new app based on previous app's experience and comments and suggestions of dozens of users all over the world!
The app really helps you pack your bags for different trips
The data is stored securely. Use your lists for years and supplement them.
Create lists easily from scratch or basic lists!
In order
Lists are divided into Actual, Basic and Archive.
Best value packing app I've seen that actually works.

At less than £0.80, this wins over so called baited "free" apps which, after hooking you, later want a ransom for full functionality.

Features I like:
- user customisable;
- template ("Basic") feature;
- ability to archive a list;
- ability to use a list more than once;
- ability to hide packed items;
- efficient use of space;
- allows user to add extra, multi line details to an item, e.g., "Thin waterproof top (stuff bag— store in small sack pocket");
- separate item and category lists;
- convenient counter incremental button for quantities.
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Installs on any iPhone with iOS 12.1 and newer
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